Friday, 27 December 2013

The Beginnings

I have published my first cartoons in my handwritten, small format, comics magazine back in high school sometime in 1970.  The single-copy magazine was  a sort of classic-avantgarde crossover. To my surprise, the publication had become an instant hit among the students, but I also got a nasty archenemy in the history teacher. A vicious middle aged, short, fat alcoholic, who misinterpreted his caricature to my regrets. I didn't know he was so vain. He terrorised me until my graduation.
However,  I wasn't discouraged by this accidental misfortune. In fact the popularity of my magazine called "Pink" encouraged me to persist and publish more issues. 
My second single copy humorous comic book magazine was called "Bourp". At the time I started reading the American underground comics.
My drawing of Macherot's popular Chlorophylle:

Here is a comic strip I drew probably in the early 70's. I was clearly under the influence of the great Belgian comic book master Raymond Macherot
This comic was more of a test for myself alone, to see if I can actually achieve the standards and the quality of my role model. I was quite satisfied with the result (except for the "calligraphy").
The text is in Croatian.

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