Thursday, 16 January 2014

Macherot again

Although at the first glance Macherot's comic strip characters look like Disney ones there is a big difference in style and layout. Chlorophylle does look similar to Mickey Mouse, but he is a door mouse and his adventures have a special satire dimension, which makes the comic acceptable for adult audience. The episodes taking place on the islands inhabited only by animals are especially amusing. The adventures of Chlorophylle first appeared in the French and Belgian youth comic book magazine Tin Tin in mid 50's. Later it was published in many other countries.

Leigh and Lamarr

In my previous post on Lamarr I said I had considered Hedy Lamarr and Vivien Leigh as lookalikes. Indeed they had some very similar facial features. They lived and worked in Hollywood of the same era, so it is no wonder the fashion of the time directed their looks. Also, the makeup artists, the hairdressers and the photographers worked with actresses and actors in the same Hollywood style.

However, Viven Leigh (5 November 1913 – 8 July 1967) was a petite woman. Her height was just 160 cm. Although, she wasn't considered being short for the time, but rather a woman of average stature, compared to Lamarr she was a "Pocket Venus". Hedy, on the other side, with her 170 cm, was a true glamorous beauty. Although, Vivien was much better actress than Hedy. That's a fact.

No doubt that Vivien's best movie was "Gone with the wind" (1939).
Of course, a copy of this probably most popular movie poster of all times is  displayed in  my room.

You might have guessed that this movie is also one of my favourite films.