Monday, 29 September 2014

Some nice photographs from 2008

In late October of 2008, Maša and I went to the photo-safari in the Zagreb ZOO. Here are some of the photographs Maša shot that day.

The entrance is over the bridge.

"At last a decent meal. I am famished! I don't need any help with it. Thanks!"

 "Uh, this October sun shines so bright it's hurting my eyes!"

"I am not speaking to you today!"

"I am the queen! Any objections?"

"..and this feather belongs in this place..."

"Here I am: on the top of the world!... But how do I get down from here?"

"Who? What?... Sorry, it seems that I dozed off for a moment. What did you say?"

" Am I seeing a treat on the ground? Yes, it's a snack!"

"I am not sleepy... I'll just lay down and take some resssssst..zzzzzzzz...hrrrzzz!"