Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Travel photograps

London's new attraction: The Shard

The beautiful gate in Ljubljana needs some serious restoration work.

Above:a couple of shots from Highgate London (7/2014)
Below: tourists enjoying a boat ride on the Thames (London 7/2014)

A dusk after the storm in Pula (8/2014)

The front part of the WW2 bomber ( Lancaster?) - The Imperial War Museum - London 7/2014)

Barcelona 2004

London 2014

Diki in London 2014

Shooting of Doctor Who TV film series at St. Paul's Church - London 7/2014

The Millennium bridge - London 2014

The ripe dogwood berries in the park in Ljubljana 8/2014

An old bunker covered with lichen - Pula

The griffons on a gate in Ptuj.

A view at the Sv Eufemija church - Rovinj

A narrow, steep street in Rovinj
Soline - Slovenija

Istrian "jungle" (8/2014)

The farmers' market in Pula (8/2014)

The spectacular sunsets in Pula

The Roman double gate in Pula (8/2014)

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