Saturday, 23 August 2014

Some digital memories

The extinct Megaceros deer sculpture form the Crystal Palace park in London (2013)

 Baker street (London 2013)

A view from my window: walking a dog (Ljubljana 2013)

Diki in Ljubljana (2012)

A lonesome cormorant at one of Pula's beaches.

One of dinosaur trackway outcrops in Pula

Zlatne stijene (Golden cliffs) Pula

Portoro┼ż 2012

A Sabine's gull - London 2012

A woolly rhino mummy cast (NHM London)

 The entrance of the Castle of Soardo-Bembo in Bale/Valle (2013)

A fig tree growing from a wall in Bale.

One of Pula's dinosaur trackway outcrops.

A cat on the window ledge (Bale-2013)

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