Thursday, 2 January 2014

Other old sci fi films

These vintage sci fi movies are not on my "A" list, but in general, they were produced rather good for their time. One is a Russian "Planeta burg" from 1965, with some nice footage, cool robot (influenced by Robby the robot from Forbidden planet) and hardware designed, but also with some poor dinosaurs (people in rubber suits).
The other is "The first men in the Moon" after the novel by H.G.Wells. Some nice scenes and design, but something was missing to make this a great movie.
At last, there's also one film after the Wells's novel: "War of the worlds". In order to update it to the present time, the movie makers eliminated the Victorian feeling and the atmosphere that the original novel had. Spielberg tried to fix that flaw it in his remake, but rather unsuccessfully.

In 1968 "Planeta Burg"was butchered, by the new editing, adding some illogical scenes of some hippy-looking women standing beside the sea of the Venus. Supposedly they were the inhabitants of the planet. The movie as such, was "prepared" for the American audience and renamed into Voyage to the "Planet of Prehistoric Women". If you are intrigued, you can see the rubbish here.

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